The appearance and role of bowling house shoes

In order to reach the best state during bowling, bowling house shoes are indispensable. It is for this reason that the left sole is covered with a layer of soft leather in order to glide smoothly during run-up (the opposite to left handers), and the heel and the other sole are rubber materials, increasing the right sole and the ground The friction force makes the sliding movement of the left foot more complete, so as to cushion other parts of the body. The following is a detailed introduction to the appearance and function of bowling house shoes.

bowling house shoes

  The appearance of bowling house shoes

  The bowling house shoes in the stadium are generally public, and because they are public, there is no way to determine whether the player is left-handed or right-handed. So the soles of the two shoes are the same, red and green, or gray and green. Can taxi. Private bowling house shoes will distinguish between left-handed and right-handed shoes. For shoes of right-handed players, left-footed shoes are sliding shoes. The left hand player does the opposite. There are usually two holes on both sides of the shoe to facilitate sweating during exercise.

  The role of bowling house shoes

  Really good players have to stick to the four-step method of bowling, so that the ball can be shot smoothly and smoothly. The last step is particularly critical. The center of gravity is required to be lowered and the ball is smoothly sent to the fairway. Therefore, the player is required to slide at the last step.

  Maintenance of bowling house shoes

  When you leave the fairway, you must change your shoes. Do not wet your sliding soles; brush the soles with a special steel brush, and use special sliding shoe covers to help protect it. Do n’t wear it outside the bowling alley. After bowling, you should spray your shoes with a deodorant and dry spray. Otherwise, your shoes will be damaged by the sweat on your feet when you play. Then store your shoes in your shoe bag or the locker in the arena for future use.

  The above is an introduction to the appearance and operation of bowling house shoes. I hope everyone will understand the appearance and function of bowling house shoes and help you.

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